Joc Rossi – God Ov Drank (cdr) – CD


God Ov Drank (cdr)
Artist: Joc Rossi
UPC: 884501624503


East Oakland Rapper JOC RO$$I Debut Full Length Album ‘ GOD OV DRANK ‘ 2011 2012 . This is the Soundtrack to a drunk drivers Car. Check YOUTUBE FOR VIDEOS AND ITUNES FOR THE DOWNLOAD. Bomb Mentality Musick.

Track List:

1. God Ov Drank
2. Blackout Drunk
3. Y U Didn’t Tell Me
4. Raise’em Up
5. Life’s Like a Gallon of Rossi
6. Drunk Alone
7. Puli Dance
8. Bored Real Eazy
9. Robotgurl
10. Meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
11. High Voice
12. Drank Wit’ Me
13. Robotgurl Remix
14. White Hot
15. Sawed Out
16. Yung Leaders
17. Bankster
18. Life’s Like a Gallon of Rossi
19. Drunk Alone


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 884501624503

Artist: Joc Rossi

Release Date: 11/15/2011

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God Ov Drank (cdr)


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