Janine Chimera – Invitation From The Heart – CD


Invitation From The Heart
Artist: Janine Chimera
UPC: 659057624426


‘The music in this project reflects an invitation to all of us to return to the heart. Within our hearts we have our being. And in our being we can truly experience this life in all of it’s challenges and joys……May you honor your own growth experiences, and in the process hear the invitation from your heart.’ What others have said: ‘I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Janine, for the past 10 years. I truly believe that her passion in music, is prompted by her loving intent to take a troubled soul, to a place they did not know existed. The perfection, clarity and quality of her music, comes from her soul and is not superficial, as we listen to the new artists of today. I personally believe, after listening to her latest CD, ‘Invitation From The Heart’, that you will wholeheartedly agree with me.’ -Julia D. Zukor-Bullock Music Director-Unity Church of Melbourne, FL Musician/Vocalist/Entertainer ‘Your music touches my heart and nourishes my soul!’ -John Wolf ‘She has the voice of an angel. It transports you to a very important place for spiritual seekers. A joy and a pleasure!’ -Maggie Rosche ‘Your CD is beautiful. I couldn’t wait to call you and tell you. My children even love it. It’s beautiful. It makes me cry when I listen to it. When you sing it just touches a place in my heart that makes me cry. I love it.’ -Marcia Grube Background Music has been important to Janine all her life. She plays piano, guitar, Native American flute, and various percussion instruments. Janine has taught piano and guitar lessons. She is a certified Kindermusik instructor for children from infancy to 7 years old. For the past 16 years she has served as a musician at a Unity church. She has provided music for special occasions and programs, concerts, including concerts to benefit Habitat for Humanity, weddings, memorial services, retreats, interfaith services, Ashram gatherings, peace gatherings including those for the Season for Nonviolence organization, coffee house performances, Mamapalooza events, and elementary school activities and programs. Janine has opened for workshops given by speakers such as Alan Cohen and Matthew Fox. Facilitating and participating in drumming and chanting circles is one of Janine’s passions. She believes this is the greatest venue for everyone to get involved with music and tune into the heartbeat of the earth that ties the very core of us all together in spirit. She believes in the healing affects of drumming and singing when people come together in circle. Janine’s music has led her to connect with those who were in the process of making a transition from the physical to nonphysical. Family members of those individuals have benefited from this music as they walked through this difficult process. Music and Meditation with Heavenly Voices is also available on cdbaby.com. This recording is a series of 4 songs each followed by a 12 minute guided imagery meditation. Each song and meditation takes the listener on a different part of the process of moving through a challenge to get to the place of creating a new vision. This CD can be found under the name, Janine Gribbroek or Anne Dubois. Janine has a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Presently, she works in a public school system with special needs children as an Assistive Technology Specialist. Her work mainly deals with assisting students who do not communicate functionally, by providing them with a means to do so. She also assists students whose disability prevents them from accessing their educational program to the best of their potential.

Track List:

1. I Know a Woman
2. Forever in Love
3. One Clear Voice
4. Low to the Ground
5. Perfect Work
6. Invitation to Tears
7. Take the Chance
8. Purnamadah, Purnamidam
9. Trust What You Know
10. A Small Star
11. When I Meet You Here
12. No Limit


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: VOCAL

UPC: 659057624426

Artist: Janine Chimera

Release Date: 03/18/2003

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Invitation From The Heart


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