Hot & Rich – Rocksteady – CD


Artist: Hot & Rich
UPC: 667209404529


Digitally remastered, remixed and expended edition of Jazz Into Rocksteady & Reggae by Hot & Rich, originally released in 2004. The tracks feature horn instrumentals played over original 1967-68 rocksteady and early reggae rhythms from Lynn Taitt & The Jets and Beverley’s All Stars. All rhythms were recorded in Jamaica and supplied through the courtesy of Derrick Morgan. Hot & Rich are Bob “Hot Dog” Ormrod and his son, Richard. With over 50 years of musical experience between them, they play everything, from traditional to free jazz, blues, ska, reggae, Latin, calypso, mento and South African music, and bring all of these influences to this album. All tracks on this re-release have been remixed and remastered by Alien Dread at AD Studio. Includes an additional six tracks not featured on the original release.

Track List:

1. Island Blues
2. Bells
3. Sporting Life
4. Guantanamera
5. Zambesi
6. La Paloma
7. Mango Walk
8. Angel Nemali
9. Sweet Talk
10. Snake Eyes
11. Ezilalini
12. Do It
13. Lion
14. One Throw
15. Slow Train
16. Font Hill
17. On My Mind
18. Rocking Steady


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 667209404529

Artist: Hot & Rich

Release Date: 09/08/2017

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