Holiday Crowd – Over The Bluffs – CD


Over The Bluffs
Artist: Holiday Crowd
UPC: 721762259184


With style, wit and mellifluousness, The Holiday Crowd give proper nods to the once hallowed Rock ‘n’ Roll ideals of cool aesthetic and jangly melodies. Self described as minimal and stripped-down, The Holiday Crowd’s sound and lyrics arise from all manner of experience – summer afternoon camaraderie, introspective reveries and a few shapely “inspirations” along the way. From their haircuts to their shoes and with a nonchalant but forceful attitude, the band truly “send” the listener to that place in the sun.

Track List:

1. Never Speak of It Again
2. Tiresome
3. While She Waits
4. Painted Like a Forest
5. A Tender Age
6. Pennies Found
7. In My Arms


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 721762259184

Artist: Holiday Crowd

Release Date: 01/24/2012

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Over The Bluffs


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