Elena Kuschnerova – Johannes Brahms Op.116-119 – CD


Johannes Brahms Op.116-119
Artist: Elena Kuschnerova
UPC: 4260052384367


This CD is European export. Moscow born and trained pianist Elena Kuschnerova, currently living in Germany, is the last discovery of Harold Schonberg (1915-2003), the former chief critic of the New York Times, and the only performing artist affiliated with great and controversial Russian composer Alexander Lazarevich Lokshin (1920-1987). An independent classical musician, she is pursuing an impressive concert and recording career on her own. Elena released 8 solo piano CDs and 2 chamber-music CDs on different labels. In addition, many of her live recordings are available as digital downloads in her own downloads shop. Harold Schonberg, the chief music critic of New Yourk Times and a famous author on pianists, praised Elena’s debut CD on Bella Musica and her Scriabin CD on Ars Musici in two reviews in the American Record Guide. He wrote on the Scriabin CD: ‘These are the best recorded performances I am familiar with’. (Please, check the artist web site for the full text of this and other reviews.) Elena’s earlier Prokofiev CD on Ars Musici received German Record Critics’ Award (Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik) and later it was included into the list of the best 50 piano recordings ‘for a lonely island’ by the German magazine SCALA. Elena Kuschnerova’s live Bach CD issued by Orfeo was given an all-stars review, as well as a rosette as a special honor, by the 2003/04 and 2005/2006 editions of the Penguin Guide to Classical CDs and DVDs. The latest Brahms CD released by the German label Ars Produktion and offered on this page received the Supersonic Award from the Pizzicato magazine in Luxemburg. Although not all of Kuschnerova’s CD have been given attention by the music press, all of them are marked by her unimitable style that immediately strikes any unprejudiced ear. On the artist’s web site you can explore all her CDs and other recordings, including free full-length streaming from ‘Elena Kuschnerova Classic Radio’.

Track List:

1. Brahms – Op.116 No.1 Capriccio D minor
2. Brahms – Op.116 No.2 Intermezzo A minor
3. Brahms – Op.116 No.3 Capriccio G minor
4. Brahms – Op.116 No.4 Intermezzo E Major
5. Brahms – Op.116 No.5 Intermezzo E minor
6. Brahms – Op.116 No.6 Intermezzo E Major
7. Brahms – Op.116 No.7 Capriccio D minor
8. Brahms – Op.117 No.1 Intermezzo E-Flat Major
9. Brahms – Op.117 No.2 Intermezzo B-Flat minor
10. Brahms – Op.117 No.3 Intermezzo C-Sharp minor
11. Brahms – Op.118 No.1 Intermezzo A minor
12. Brahms – Op.118 No.2 Intermezzo a Major
13. Brahms – Op.118 No.3 Ballade G minor
14. Brahms – Op.118 No.4 Intermezzo F minor
15. Brahms – Op.118 No.5 Ballade F Major
16. Brahms – Op.118 No.6 Intermezzo E-Flat minor
17. Brahms – Op.119 No.1 Intermezzo B minor
18. Brahms – Op.119 No.2 Intermezzo E minor
19. Brahms – Op.119 No.3 Intermezzo C Major
20. Brahms – Op.119 No.4 Rhapsodie E-Flat Major


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 4260052384367

Artist: Elena Kuschnerova

Release Date: 05/29/2007

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Johannes Brahms Op.116-119


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