Chili-bo – Fresh Cutz (cdr) – CD


Fresh Cutz (cdr)
Artist: Chili-bo
UPC: 885767218116


Thank you for stopping by! Here’s a little bit about me,my music and my Company… About Me: I am the C.E.O of Drink-A-Lot Records! About my Music: It’s inspired by the streets that I grew up in and many of my life’s experiences and adventures. About my Company: ‘WE ARE THE SOUND OF THA GHETTO!’ Drink-A-Lot Records is an Independently owned and operated record label based in Oakland,California. The label was founded in 1990 by Rapper & C.E.O ‘Chili-Bo’,since it’s establishment Drink-A-Lot Records has become a force to be reckoned with! The label has worked with some of the most influential Artist in the Hip Hop underground scene such as; Edreese Nasir (formerly known as ‘Emcee Earl’ of the Legendary ‘Raw Dog Records’),Andre Rivers a.k.a ‘Poorman Dre’ of Poorman Studios,Dutch Da Mac (Drink-A-Lot Records / Carter Block Ent.) Krushadelic /Underground Rebellion / M.C Jullie D (Armada Ent.),Boondox Of Da Bay (Blackman Ent.),Mr.Faulty (D.M.G),Hot Pink Geeksters (H.P.G),Lil Miko & M.C Nae (Drink-A-Lot Records),JJ Hard a.k.a ‘Johnny Slim,M.C Kutip,Tony ‘Mo’Tone’ Ray (Drink-A-Lot Records),Gorilla Pits,Khaleeq Muhammad (Cyberjerxxx),Rimshot & Rafeeq Hassan (Soul Survivors),Verbal Essence,Young Byrd (Carter Block Ent.),G-Money Records and a host of others! About the Mission: ‘TO BECOME THE BEST IN THE GAME!’ Drink-A-Lot Records is Focused and Dedicated to the ‘Preservation’ of what we like to call ‘Ghetto Music!’. We consider ourselves ‘Trendsetters!’,staying true to the sound that move’s Urban America! We plan on being a force in the music business for years to come! Be sure to browse the website for pictures of Artist,Bio’s,News,purchasing music & merchandise! We Are…’The Sound Of Tha Ghetto!’ Thanx For Your Support! Sincerely Yours… ~CHILI-BO.

Track List:

1. Don’t Stop
2. West Coast Mobb Style
3. Wealth & Fame
4. Fudgy Fudge
5. It’s a G.E.T.O Life
6. Accelerators
7. Growin’ Up in My Hood
8. I Get’z Da Moolah Yall
9. Get That Money
10. Life Goe’s on and on
11. Head 2 Toe’z
12. The Game (Don’t Hate the Playa)
13. Everybody Love Chili-Bo
14. Town Kicc’n
15. Ghetto Anthology’s
16. The D.M.G Anthem


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 885767218116

Artist: Chili-bo

Release Date: 12/20/2011

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Fresh Cutz (cdr)


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