Big Bang Love – Dance Floor Lovers – CD


Dance Floor Lovers
Artist: Big Bang Love
UPC: 885007223924


Big Bang Love is the fusion and explosion, of many elements, from the past and the future. Turning nu-disco on it’s head, it’s continues the evolution of the sound that revived the love of the dancefloor and the fun that ensued. Pop, Dance, House, Electronic, Disco, Big Bang Love doesn’t care about your hangups only if you’re having a good time. The music delivers: it’s alive, elevating, and inspiring. Potent beats, passionate lyrics and catchy song-writing. So much of dance music is only about the beat and the sounds. Big Bang Love is about the whole package – the grooves, the vibe, AND the music. The mastermind behind this sound is writer / producer Jeff Trueman. Jeff searched far and wide before he found the perfect vocalists Karla Chisholm and Todd Googins. Each member of the trio is a busy music professional who performs throughout the world and in various genres such as rhythm and blues, jazz, country, reggae, and even Irish folk music. Todd and Karla are vocal power-houses with tremendous range and versatility. But when they sing together, they create a dynamic, playful, creative energy that will move you through an emotional panorama. Full of delicious contrasts, they are soft and smooth as caramel and strong and strident like super-heroes. Big Bang Love’s debut release “Dance Floor Lovers” features four original tracks. Lush and brilliant. Uplifting and affirming. Crossing cultures and ages, this EP affirms the timeless interplay between man and woman amidst the celebration of life and love, on and off the dance floor.

Track List:

1. Fell in Luv
2. Dance with You
3. Beautiful
4. Hayden Returns


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 885007223924

Artist: Big Bang Love

Release Date: 11/15/2011

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Dance Floor Lovers


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