Avant-garde Music Suite / Various – Avant-garde Music Suite / Various – CD


Avant-garde Music Suite / Various
Artist: Avant-garde Music Suite / Various
UPC: 885767935419


After years of producing, remixing and guiding the careers of local indie artists, Cymande (pronounced, Sa MAN dee) Coburn decided it was time to embark on a project that would showcase his many talents (writing, arranging, producing) and shed a beacon of light on some of the unsigned artists located in the Atlanta Metro area. Deep into the production process, Cymande found that the songs that had been produced shared certain narrative threads – life, relationships, and pointed perspectives. Ironically, the artists featured on those songs shared similar narratives in their contributions to the project. Those songs became a ‘suite of music’; a vintage collection of hip-hip grooves that purposely defied the ‘rules’ of today’s hip-hop/rap album format, thus spawning the title, ‘The Avant-Garde Music Suite.’ Musically, Cymande blends vintage 90’s hip-hop with jazz and soul undertones, beneath lyrics, themes and concepts that are fresh, relevant, and mature. ‘One Day’ illustrates this as lyrics of hope and insight ride the flow of a piano loop and drum cadence without conflict. The hyper-synthesized bounce of ‘uberSUPERmodels’ and the ‘crazysexycool’ vibe of ‘Models’ calls to mind southern sounds, yet display highly-stylish lyrics. ‘The Life’ stands as it’s apex, imparting a sense of urgency and dual perspectives on the celebration of life. In capacity, concept and arrangement, ‘The Avant-Garde Music Suite’ is a bold and triumphant display of talent for an artist’s debut in any genre.

Track List:

1. The Avant-Garde Music Suite Theme
2. Bellagio Nights (Kardier F. Cymande Coburn)
3. Ubersupermodels
4. Keep Your Hands High (F. Kardier and Young Thor)
5. Haters P.S.A. Pt. 4
6. Code R.E.D. (Aye Soul)
7. Models (Kardier F. Cymande Coburn)
8. Ride (Cymande Coburn F. Kardier)
9. One Day (Aye Soul)
10. The Life (Cymande Coburn F. Kardier)
11. The Avant-Garde Music Suite Instrumental
12. Goodbye Lullaby – Remix (Eryk Moore)
13. She Got It Like That
14. The Finest
15. Code R.E.D. – Remix (Aye Soul F. Cymande Coburn)
16. The Real Deal (Fes)


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 885767935419

Artist: Avant-garde Music Suite / Various

Release Date: 11/22/2011

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Avant-garde Music Suite / Various


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