Southerly – Youth – CD


Artist: Southerly
UPC: 619981325622


With Southerly’s third full length Youth, Portland, OR’s dark-pop auteur Krist Krueger takes on the very notion of earned perspective through age & experience. Youth itself is a poignant exploration of life’s varying stages of uncertainty and self-deception. Likewise, musically it explores shades of song structure with equal measures of childlike wonder and nuanced pop expertise. Youth is not a “mature” album in the cliched sense. Rather, and more importantly, it embodies exactly everything that the best music can be: a comforting companion to our multitude of hopes and fears throughout all stages of life. Krueger never professes to provide answers, but he’s asking the right questions.

Track List:

1. Suffer
2. Do We Believe?
3. Youth
4. All Abandoned
5. Her Name is Forward
6. Lust
7. Sacrifice
8. So You’re Right
9. Going Down
10. Brekaing In
11. Without a Cause
12. The End of Adolescence


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 619981325622

Artist: Southerly

Release Date: 09/20/2011

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