Rita Chiarelli – Music From The Big House – CD


Music From The Big House
Artist: Rita Chiarelli
UPC: 777320164520


From the riveting and award winning documentary and recorded live at the Louisiana State Maximum Security Penitentiary comes the soundtrack of Rita Chiarelli’s Music From The Big House! From acclaimed director Bruce McDonald, comes a rare and exclusive musical journey. Rita Chiarelli, an award-winning recording artist, takes a pilgrimage to the birthplace of the blues, Louisiana State Maximum Security Penitentiary a.k.a Angola Prison. She never imagined that her love of the blues would lead her down legendary Highway 61 to a historic jailhouse performance with inmates serving life sentences. The film is currently being featured at film festivals around the world.

Track List:

1. Rita’s Journey
2. These Four Walls
3. Mississippi Boy
4. Don;T Let Them Catch You (With Your Work Undone)
5. Mercy Blues
6. Harvest
7. Rest My Bones (Prisonyard Rehearsal)
8. Glory Glory
9. Rain on Me (Prisonyard Rehearsal)
10. Rain on Me
11. I Love You Still
12. Midnight Special
13. Convicted


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: BLUES

UPC: 777320164520

Artist: Rita Chiarelli

Release Date: 09/20/2011

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Music From The Big House


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