Peter Sando – Afraid Of The Dark – CD


Afraid Of The Dark
Artist: Peter Sando
UPC: 666994100524


The second solo release from Peter Sando, singer/writer behind 60’s psych group Gandalf, further emphasises his songcrafting abilities, highlighted by Sally Hemings, which examines the affair of Thomas Jefferson and his slave mistress. Jaded Love and the title track, Afraid of the Dark echo the memorizing appeal of the classic Gandalf LP, while Peter does not ignore his rock & country roots on the remaining tracks. Continuing in Mr. Sando’s “Ameridelic” style, the album closes with the whimsicle Ghost Of Robert Erskine, based on local history and legend. Self produced and mostly self accompanied, Peter is backed by studio pros, including cameos by Gandalf members Frank Hubach and Bryan Post. With this new release, Peter Sando adds to his catalogue of highly collectible record albums. Shindig review: February 2013 ‘Peter Sando is perhaps best known as the main wizard with Gandalf, and he travels similar ethereal psychedelic paths to that legendary group on his most recent CD outing. From the Byrdsian jangle of ‘Time Waits For No One’ through to the electric sitar flourishes on ‘Jaded Love,’ Sando stays true to his sixties roots: the title track could even be considered as a coda to ‘I Watch The Moon’ from the Gandalf LP. With country and blues rock flavoured numbers Sando’s musical palette becomes a little broader, while ‘Sally Hemmings’ is a charming historical vignette in a more traditional folk setting. It’s always refreshing to hear an artist build on their previous body of work and Sando doesn’t disappoint with this selection of late night listening pleasures.’ – Gray Newell, Shindig Magazine.

Track List:

1. Time Waits For No One
2. Afraid of the Dark
3. Sally Hemings
4. Bright Headlights
5. Jaded Love
6. The Crowd Goes Wild
7. Let Me Be the One
8. No Earth Can Be Won
9. Let’s Get Serious
10. House For Sale
11. The Visit
12. The Ghost of Robert Erskine


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 666994100524

Artist: Peter Sando

Release Date: 03/29/2011

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Afraid Of The Dark


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