Glen Campbell – Ghost On The Canvas – CD


Ghost On The Canvas
Artist: Glen Campbell
UPC: 640424999438


This is the legendary Glen Campbell’s final studio album. During his 50 years in show business, Campbell has sold 45 million records with hits like “Witchita Lineman,” “Gentle on My Mind,” “Rhinestone Cowboy,” and tons more. GHOST ON THE CANVAS is his farewell album, a deep, meaningful look back at his career/life with contributions by the artists he continues to inspire. Simply put, GHOST ON THE CANVAS is the album of Glen Campbell’s life.

Track List:

1. A Better Place
2. Ghost On the Canvas
3. The Billstown Crossroads
4. A Thousand Lifetimes
5. It’s Your Amazing Grace
6. Second Street North
7. In My Arms
8. May 21st, 1969
9. Nothing But the Whole Wide World
10. Wild and Waste
11. Hold On Hope
12. Valley of the Son
13. Any Trouble
14. Strong
15. The Rest is Silence
16. There’s No Me… Without You


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 640424999438

Artist: Glen Campbell

Release Date: 08/30/2011

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Ghost On The Canvas


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