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Kind Of Miles
Artist: Corey Wilkes
UPC: 639492200010


Kind Of Miles is a new release by young trumpet trailblazer Corey Wilkes. At a young age, Wilkes has established himself in the forefront of the current generation in jazz. From his work with the Art Ensemble Of Chicago to Will Calhoun and Kahil El’Zabar, Wilkes has been able to float in and out of several different forms of jazz and great black music in general, maintaining and developing his own identity and adapting to these situations in a very authentic way. He has evolved into a new kind of jazz musician by keeping his connection with his own generation. This release follows his debut release “Drop It” on Delmark, and his second release “Cries From Tha Ghetto” on Pi Recordings. This has him in a more traditional context with a sextet featuring Kahil El’Zabar on percussion. Recorded live at the Velvet Lounge, this is Corey’s tribute to every trumpet players trumpet player, Miles Davis. He brings his own flavor to a few Miles hallmarks and gives a respectful nod to the unique style that has influenced just about every person that has picked up the horn since Miles. Tracks: 1. Yesterday’s 2. It’s About That Time 3. Tutu 4. So What / In it’s Right Place.

Track List:

1. Yesterday’s
2. It’s About That Time
3. Tutu
4. So What/In It’s Right Place


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: JAZZ

UPC: 639492200010

Artist: Corey Wilkes

Release Date: 11/15/2011

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Kind Of Miles


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