Behemoth – Abyssus Abyssum Invocat (uk) – CD


Abyssus Abyssum Invocat (uk)
Artist: Behemoth
UPC: 801056732026


UK two CD release from the Polish Extreme Metal band. This double disc set combines the band’s Conjuration (2003) and Slaves Shall Serve (2005) EPs in an-all new package. These releases showed the band at their brutal best on record and on stage, featuring live renditions of classic songs from the Behemoth catalog, showing why they had become such a formidable force in the live arena. Also included on the release are studio cover versions given a touch of the Behemoth magic, including the infamous ‘Welcome to Hell’ from Venom, as well as ‘Wish’ from Nine Inch Nails and more. Peaceville.

Track List:

1. Conjuration Of Sleep Daemons
2. Wish
3. Welcome To Hell
4. Christians To The Lions (Live)
5. Decade Of Therion (Live)
6. From The Pagan Vastlands (Live)
7. Antichristian Phenomenon (Live)
8. Lam (Live)
9. Satan’s Sword (I have become) (Live)
10. Chant For Eskaton 2000 (Live)
11. Slaves Shall Serve
12. Entering The Pylon Of Light
13. Penetration
14. Until You Call On The Dark
15. Demigod (Live)
16. Slaves Shall Serve (Live)
17. Lam (Live)
18. As Above So Below (Live)


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 801056732026

Artist: Behemoth

Release Date: 06/07/2011

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Abyssus Abyssum Invocat (uk)


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