West Coast Hip Hop Awards 2010 / Various – West Coast Hip Hop Awards 2010 / Various – CD


West Coast Hip Hop Awards 2010 / Various
Artist: West Coast Hip Hop Awards 2010 / Various
UPC: 815597010499


Awards Ceremony is in honor of the talent and inspirations of the West coast Hip -Hop Community over 30 years strong as well as: Rappers-Grafitti Artists – Producers – DJ’S – Movie Directors – Promoters – Radio & Video DJ’S that support our West Coast community When we looked at the community all we saw was watered down versions of our music culture: THE WORLD RECORDING ARTISTS WINNING WITH WEST COAST FORMULAS OR LIFESTYLES We deserve better and credit for the creatvity and our unique sound it is our time to show the industry what we have accomplished as far as sales and creation of a culture that’s rich in heritage to change the face of music and the face of the American recording industry and the world ! hip hop is the biggest music phenom in the history of pop culture we have the love and support of our culture and music around the world as the west coast hip hop community supports music from all around the world these awards are in support of efforts to reconize the commitment to exellence of our rappers and to honor the past,present,and future rappers from all over the west coast now in our 3rd anniversary awards show coming up on Saturday August 21st 2010 in the beautiful city of San Francisco Ca. at the Herbst Pavillion (FORT MASON) this historic event will showcase to the world the vast talent pool of west coast hip hop rappers the diversity and skills of lyrics,beats,production and showmanship,the awards show will celebrate and award rappers,dj’s,producers,magazines,clothes and fashion lines,energy drinks,tennis shoes,grafitti,graphic designs,skateboards,distribution,manufactoring,recording labels,seminars,we will showcase to the world why the west coast is back and has never really left the scene we love the west coast come join us on our quest for quality music and a progressive movement .please log in to our myspace page and vote for your favorite artist past and present thank you CEO west coast hip hop awards 2010 Octavius R. Miller Sr.

Track List:

1. I’m a Ridah (Feat. San Quinn) – Spice 1
2. Get Money – Big Syke
3. Brand Nu – RBL’s Posse Black C
4. Gangsta Rap Producers – Dresta
5. Bigg – Grand
6. Riding on Chrome – Tha Trapp
7. Can’t Get Enough – Jacka, Lee Majors & Dru Down
8. Starship – Dem Hoodstarz, Beeda Weeda, S.B, Eddie Projex & Amon
9. Ima G – T Nutty
10. I Like the Way She – Lil Ric & Laroo
11. Keep It Getto – O.G Domino
12. Killa Cali – Bossolo
13. Money – Liquid Anthraxx, Libretto & Wolveryne
14. I’m Da Weed Man – Yung Wax
15. Push Weight – Mr Benjamin, Young Buck, Drako & Dmence
16. If I Told You I Need You – Killa Kiese
17. Seductive Thoughts – Shao Men
18. My Life – Havoc the Mouth Piece


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 815597010499

Artist: West Coast Hip Hop Awards 2010 / Various

Release Date: 09/14/2010

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West Coast Hip Hop Awards 2010 / Various


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