W.a. Buz Jr. Burkhead – Stay Positive – CD


Stay Positive
Artist: W.a. Buz Jr. Burkhead
UPC: 845121026948


This album is dedicated in memory of my mother, Francis Tindall Burkhead. Her parents Frank and Lizzy Tindall’s engagement photo is on the front cover. Stay positive was one of her major things in life. She loved the poet, Rudyard Kipling and John Donne, as well as the philosophy of Norman Vincent Peale. I recite a portion of Kipling in the song ‘Stay Positive.’ This album is loosely autobiographical but contains universal life, lessons, such as the importance of a positive mental attitude, ‘Stay Positive;’ make the most of a bad situation, ‘ Yo Tengo Su Dinero;’ going along to get along ‘South Louisiana Haircut;’ the key to a long marriage ‘Take My Advice;’ as well as an affirmation that God did give us light to see ‘I Hang These Lights For Him.’ The musicians who played on this album are some of the best in the world. I can’t thank John Bryant enough for making the dream come true. A musical dyslexic myself, I would never have written a single song without the help of my great friend, Fred Lester, M.D. He’s a plastic surgeon with more musical talent in his backside than most people have in their hands. I apologize in advance to the listener for the vocalist. He got kicked out of choir in the 4th grade. In the long run, I hope it’s the quality of the words rather than the voice that have a chance of enduring.

Track List:

1. Stay Positive
2. I’d Get Fat to Feel Better
3. When I Think of Nawlins (Pimm’s Cup)
4. South Louisiana Haircut
5. One Bone I Don’t Fix
6. Second Worst Country Song Ever Written
7. Yo Tengo Su Dinero
8. Back Lash Buzzy
9. Dallas Girl Lookin for a Fort Worth Man
10. Addicks Dam
11. Song for Suzanne
12. Take My Advice
13. I Hang These Lights for Him


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 845121026948

Artist: W.a. Buz Jr. Burkhead

Release Date: 10/12/2010

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Stay Positive


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