Pussycat – Best Of – CD


Best Of
Artist: Pussycat
UPC: 77779488223


Includes “Mississippi”, “Smile”, “Georgie”, “My Broken Souvenirs” amongst others.

Track List:

1. Mississippi
2. Georgie
3. Smile
4. My Broken Souvenirs
5. Just a Woman
6. Mexicali Lane
7. If You Ever Come to Amsterdam
8. Wet Day in September
9. Bad Boy
10. Hey Joe
11. Ill Be Your Woman
12. It’s the Same Old Song
13. You Don’t Know
14. Goodbye to Lovin


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: POP

UPC: 77779488223

Artist: Pussycat

Release Date: 11/09/2010

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Best Of


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