Linda Peterson – Buenos Aires Dreams (cdr) – CD


Buenos Aires Dreams (cdr)
Artist: Linda Peterson
UPC: 884502774474


My love affair with Buenos Aires and it’s music began in 1996 when my brother, Ricky Peterson, was co-producing a CD with Tommy LiPuma for the great Argentine guitarist, Luis Salinas. I began visiting Buenos Aires six years ago and on one of my trips wrote the title song ‘Buenos Aires Dreams’. I then started thinking how wonderful it would be to record the song in the city for which it was written, and with the great man himself, Luis Salinas. The universe was definitely smiling upon me because, when telling a musician friend of mine in Las Vegas (Jerry Lopez/Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns) about this dream of mine, incredibly, his reply was, ‘well then you need to know my former bassist, Paul Dourge, who has moved back to his home town of Buenos Aires and is currently the bassist for Luis Salinas.’ Unbelievable! Jerry contacted Paul for me and Paul arranged the recording sessions. The frosting on this delicious cake was that my son, Jason, who was then touring with Michael Bolton as his sax player, was coming to Buenos Aires with Michael to do a concert, and our timing coincided perfectly so that Jason was able to be there as my producer on these sessions. This is my dream CD and I hope it can help to bring the incredible guitar work of Luis Salinas to the American public. He should be a household name.

Track List:

1. The Day You Love Me
2. I Never Think of Him at All
3. The Gypsy
4. Buenos Aires Dreams
5. So Many Stars
6. Dance with Me
7. Besame Mucho
8. 99 Miles to la
9. Balada Para Guitarra
10. Always Something There to Remind Me
11. El Dia Que Me Quieras


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: JAZZ

UPC: 884502774474

Artist: Linda Peterson

Release Date: 09/14/2010

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Buenos Aires Dreams (cdr)


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