Kathryn Bild – Whole World Can Be Your Sweetheart – CD


Whole World Can Be Your Sweetheart
Artist: Kathryn Bild
UPC: 844553035009


‘Borders was very pleased to host singer-songwriter Kathryn Bild at our 32nd Street location. Friday nights have never been better since the addition of Kathryn Bild’s raspy, earthy voice with performances that bring you back to the fabulous Woodstock periold of engaging music and voices. All who have the opportunity to hear Kathryn’s music will walk away knowing that she was born to sing.’ Lynda Stewart, Borders/ General Manager Thank you, Diana and Lynda! Your support means so much.

Track List:

1. Critical Thinker
2. Date with New York City
3. Girlfriend
4. Like a Queen
5. It’ll Do It Again
6. Pavement of “For Now”
7. Roxann
8. I Love You, I Do
9. My Sister, Liz
10. The Whole World Can Be Your Sweetheart


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: FOLK

UPC: 844553035009

Artist: Kathryn Bild

Release Date: 09/14/2010

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Whole World Can Be Your Sweetheart


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