Julie Fowlis – Live At The Perthshire Amber – CD


Live At The Perthshire Amber
Artist: Julie Fowlis
UPC: 880992144469


LIVE AT PERTHSHIRE AMBER is multi award winning Gaelic Folk singer Julie Fowlis first live album. Featuring the core band of Julie, her husband Eamon Doorley, Duncan Chisholm (of Wolfstone), Tony Byrne and Martin O’Neill. It was recorded onstage at Pitlochry Festival Theatre at the Perthshire Amber Festival in October 2010. LIVE AT PETHSHIRE AMBER really encapsulates the live sound and essence of Julie and band after a Summer of touring, playing and fine tuning of the bands set. The concert was captured by fantastic engineers and equipment, courtesy of Alan Dinner Mackinnon and Edinburgh’s EFX Audio, and mixed by Eamon, Julie and the talented Transatlantic Sessions TV series engineer Iain Hutchison. The album features tracks from all three of Julies celebrated studio albums, plus an extra encore/bonus track – a duet with Dougie MacLean and a bilingual re-working of his beautiful song “Pabay Mrr”.

Track List:

1. H Bha Mi, H Bha Mi [H I Was, H I Was]
[Disc 1]
2. M’ Fhearann Saidhbhir [My Land is Rich]/Nellie Garvey’s/’G Ioman Nan Ga
3. ganaich ir A Rinn M’ Fh gail [O Noble Youth Who Has Left Me]
4. A Chatrion’ g [Young Catriona]
5. Tha Br gan r Agam A-Nochd [I Have New Shoes Tonight]/The Cat and the D
6. Lon-Dubh [Blackbird]
7. Turas San Lochmor [Journy in the Lochmor]
8. Biodh An Deoch Seo ‘N L imh Mo R in [This Drink Would Be in the Hand of
9. Tunes Set: The Thatcher/Peter Byrne’s/The Soup Dragon/Isaac’s Welcome t
10. Rugadh Mi ‘Teis Meadhan Na Mara [Me Zo Ganet Kreiz Er Mor/I Was Born
11. H g Air A’ Bhonaid Mh ir [Celebrate the Great Bonnet]
12. Tunes and Puirt-a-Beul Set: Thornton Jig/Chloe’s Passion/Are You Ready
13. Pabay M r


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: FOLK

UPC: 880992144469

Artist: Julie Fowlis

Release Date: 04/19/2011

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Live At The Perthshire Amber


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