Geoff Davin – Breakline – CD


Artist: Geoff Davin
UPC: 884501468589


True story…. Another snow day in Norwood, MA. A 5 year old child has just pulled his twin brothers hair over another heated and riotous G.I Joe play session. The assaulted child begins to cry and the hair puller is sent to his room to reflect upon what he’s done. The silence of this war’s aftermath soothes the parents ears. But soon…gently wafting from the convicted offender’s bedroom…..a soft, strange melody begins to permeate the kitchen. The curious parents make their way down the hall and quietly listen at the recently incarcerated child’s door. That’s when they heard it. It was unmistakable….the Blues. The child was singing the blues. This little 5 year old middle class white Irish/Catholic boy from Boston was throwin his woes down in song. Where it came from, they could not say. But it was the beginning of what was to be a long and varied musical journey. At the age of 14 his love of singing and acting led him to the stage when he booked his first professional acting job with a theatre in Boston. The fact that he could actually get a paycheck to do something that was pure enjoyment was mindblowing. His track was set. He graduated high school, packed up and moved to NY where he attended the prestigious C.A.P. 21 Studio at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He soon found himself on tour with the musical ‘Shenandoah’ and continued booking shows all over the country as well as at home in NY. While he loved listening to everything from country to gospel to rock to blues, he never considered actually singing that sort of music himself. But then a workshop production of a new musical entitled ‘Pearl Hart’ required him to sing country music. While recording the ‘cast recording’, the studio engineer asked him if he had ever considered pursuing country full time. The wheels began turning and he began writing. He started singing with bands around the Tri-State area and was hooked. The freedom that singing with a band allowed him was intoxicating. He eventually found his way to Nashville to record some demos and fell in love with the city. While in Nashville, his agents called him and told him he had to come back to town immediately for a callback for ‘Beauty and the Beast’. He explained to them that he was in the middle of a recording session and could not get back to NY in time. Not pleased, they actually made him make a choice right then and there….theatre or music. And that choice was surprisingly easy for him to make. He packed up and moved to Nashville where he has now been for just under two years and hasn’t looked back once. He has just finished his first full length album entitled ‘Breakline’. It’s soulful, it’s dramatic, it’s honest and it’s fearless….four words that would describe Geoff to a T. ‘I didn’t want to come here and just make another cookie cutter pop country album. I’m not a country boy and it wouldn’t be honest of me to make a super twangy record. I wanted to do something that would embrace all of my influences. I embrace my flair for theatrics. I want to weave in my love of Motown, STAX, Blues, Gospel and Southern Rock. I’ve always been one to push the boundaries a bit. But I think I’m able to do it tastefully’. If you need a genre you can call it East Coast Southern Soul. Or you can just call it good old infectious fun. It’s the sort of music that defies you NOT to tap your toe or shake that booty. The kind that you can’t get out of your head. But then again….why would you want to? ‘God Bless! Namaste’ Influences include (but not limited to): STAX, Travis Tritt, Motown, Big & Rich, Janis Joplin, Garth Brooks, Dusty Springfield, Joe Cocker, Merle Haggard, Marc Broussard, the Rolling Stones, The Mamas and the Papas, the Jackson Five, etc…

Track List:

1. Sound of a Summer Night
2. Cigar Box Jig
3. Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow
4. Shine!
5. Cora Lee Five
6. Cross My Mind
7. Somebody Like Me
8. White Beat
9. Regret
10. Breakline
11. Long Way


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 884501468589

Artist: Geoff Davin

Release Date: 02/01/2011

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