Die Strottern – Das Grobte Gluck – CD


Das Grobte Gluck
Artist: Die Strottern
UPC: 9120016850411


A Strottern concert is a rollercoaster of emotions: gentle solace for the soul, morbid melancholy, radical snide humour and infatuated poetry all exchanging places abruptly. Charming moderation leads the audience spontaneously through the show with funny interactions, which turn the largest of auditoriums into cosy living rooms. This experience is now available on CD: “Das größte Glück” (translated means: the biggest piece of luck) is a live recording comprising two concerts that were played at the end of August 2010 at the Theater am Spittelberg in Vienna. The winner of the AMADEAUS Austrian Music Award 2009 gives us a look into a fundus of traditional Viennese songs that have reflected the essence of the Viennese spirit for hundreds of years and is the root of the music Die Strottern prepared and presented. “Das größte Glück” is a treasure trove full of traditional Viennese ballads from the 19th and 20th centuries arranged and performed lovingly by Klemens Lendl and David Müller in their original style. When Die Strottern sing old Viennese songs, they come dressed in new clothes – free of any dusty or corny postcard ideals. “They are songs that mean a lot to us. We found them by accident, after long searching, or they were brought to us by good souls. We love these songs and at the same time we measure ourselves against them” Klemens Lendl describes. Some are famous, some forgotten, some have been interpreted and recorded thousands of times and some have been given life by Die Strottern.

Track List:

1. Das Gr��te GL�CK
2. Leich Ma Was
3. I Maan, I Tram
4. Sie War’n Net Daf�r
5. I H�TT Halt Gern
6. Vakumma, Vakumma / Was Stehst Du So Alleine
7. Day After Tomorrow (In a Boa Schdundn)
8. Jetzt Bin I Da in Polen
9. Bei Mir Is All’s Verdraht
10. Wann I Amal Stirb
11. Die Zwei Von Der Piet�t
12. Die Kritischen Tag
13. Da San Mir Net Scharf Drauf in Wien
14. Fesch G’schaut
15. A Schr�ge Wies’n
16. SCH�N Ist So Ein Ringelspiel


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 9120016850411

Artist: Die Strottern

Release Date: 02/01/2011

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Das Grobte Gluck


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