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Artist: C.r. Vibes
UPC: 884501398534


Formed in the late 90’s, C.R.Vibes is a well seasoned, five piece, original reggae band. Held together by the pulsing drum and bass, they also explore the realms of jazz, blues, hip hop, and poly-rythmic fusion. Deeply rooted in Northern California, all five members are from the San Franciso bay area, and have resided in the north bay community of Napa for many decades. Influenced by Miles Davis, Muddy Waters, Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Sly and Robbie, and the San francisco sound of the 60’s, C.R.Vibes is all about creating real-time music. The band includes members Art Cavagnaro – Percussion, Keys, Vocals. Shawn Cavagnaro – Drums, Vocals. Trevor Lyon – Bass, Vocals. Keith Jordan – Barritone Guitar. Michael Belair – Guitar.As a drummer, a teacher, and a spiritual man, Art’s journey took him through many musical styles. Armed with an arsenal of West African rythms, a jazz fusion background, and family trips to Jamaica, reggae was a very natural place for him to make his home. Adding keyboards and melodica to the instrumentation was an easy choice for this band. Art’s simple, yet catchy and thought provoking lyrics are an essential part of the C.R.Vibes sound. All the members were exposed to music at a young age. Being Art’s son, drummer/singer Shawn Cavagnaro was no exeption. He litteraly grew up inside the drum culture. That, in addition to those family trips to the reggae university in the 80’s (Jamaica’s Reggae Sunsplash), set the foundation for his drumming style. Shawns unique perspective and vocals give the band a deeper dynamic.Originaly a guitar player, Trevor made the switch to the phat strings and taught himself to play bass at age 18. Countless hours of playing along to Roots Raddics cassettes was just the begining of a journey into the culture and philosphy of reggae music and Rastafari. Writing songs, lyrics and melodies for over 20 years, Trevor continues to push the music in a forward direction.Heavily into Miles, Michael spends most all his time with his guitar. After countless jazz gigs and music projects over the years, the amazingly complex and intricate arrangements of the 70’s have melted away, making room and space for this current music that he is playing now. C.R.Vibes has taught Michael that if you play less, the people will dance more. Space gives the listener time to absorb the music better and fill it with their own thoughts, feelings and emotion. But fear not, you can still expect to hear the searing and brilliantly delivered guitar solos you’ve come to love from Michael.Upon listening to C.R.Vibes, one might notice a thick layered sound. This is due in part to the thoughtfull tones of the barritone guitar played by Keith Jordan. Refered to by the band as ‘The Professor’, Keith is truly a blues style guitarist who has elegantly made the transition to reggae while staying true to his roots. C.R.Vibes’ long awaited debut album ‘The News’ is a current representation of the bands sound. Original, and true to the bands outlook, this is reggae music with a message of positive livity.

Track List:

1. The News
2. Christlike
3. Freddy
4. Dreadlock on the Mountain Top
5. The Wanderer
6. Rastaman
7. Selassie Lament
8. Jah Glory
9. Here We Go
10. California


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 884501398534

Artist: C.r. Vibes

Release Date: 11/16/2010

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