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New Directions
Artist: Brad Cox
UPC: 844185008860


Seemingly now more than ever, popular music is becoming a disposable commodity littered with artists that are content with becoming a one-hit wonder. Singer/songwriter Brad Cox is certainly an exception. The Grayson, Georgia resident has a style that’s rocking and melodic while containing an unmistakable, down-home, rootsy vibe. Brad’s career is the result of hard work and he has paid his dues like other musicians before him. ‘I was born in Augusta, Georgia and grew up loving music, infatuated with the feeling it gave me. In the 7th grade, I picked up guitar and knew where it would take me. I started a few bands and began touring at 16 years old.’ Cox called upon one of rock’s most respected producers, Mike Clink (Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Sarah Kelly). ‘I met Mike when I was recording my first record and asked if he’d be interested in producing, but he said the songs and style weren’t really his thing. For the next four years, I kept in contact with him while writing new material. I took those songs to him and he felt there was something new and exciting there. He urged me to collaborate with other writers, including Billy Falcon, Andreas Carlsson, and Sarah Kelly. We wrote some great songs, and Mike decided to take on the project.’ The result of the Clink/Cox union has spawned some of Brad’s best compositions to date, including the self-described ‘anti-love song’ Ain’t About You, the gentle acoustic strum of Closer, the sunshine-y Where I Wanna Be, and the stomping arena rocker, Uh Uh. ‘We finished five songs to release as an EP. In March, we will record another six tracks and combine the EP to make a full length LP. We’re putting it out on Mike’s label, No Relief.’ Although Brad is quickly becoming an accomplished writer, the concert stage is where the songs truly take on a life of their own. Joining him is Pat Valley on guitar and Ben Thomas behind the drums. And what can fans expect from seeing Brad live? ‘An energetic rock n’ roll show where the audience forgets about their problems and gets lost in the songs. My fans are my family.’ With the songs and live show in place, Brad Cox’s future seems increasingly bright. ‘I will continue to grow and try new things. Of course, touring and honing the live show to make it the best it can be is important to me.’ The rock world needs someone who is genuine and dedicated to his craft, and Brad is ready to deliver the goods.

Track List:

1. Where I Wanna Be
2. You to Believe In
3. Closer
4. To Be with You
5. Ain’t About You


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 844185008860

Artist: Brad Cox

Release Date: 05/06/2008

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New Directions


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