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New Land
Artist: Bill Booth
UPC: 7045790003148


Bill Booth’s fifth CD release “New Land” has already received rave reviews in the Norwegian press since it’s first release there in September. Born and raised in America, Booth made his home in Norway after a tour there with the New York based band Diamond Rio led to a long-term engagement with Norwegian rock artist Aage Alexandersen. Booth’s new album takes the listener on a journey through the American landscape following the thread of Americans who emigrated from his adopted homeland in Scandinavia. It is an album filled with songs of triumph and bravery, war and peace, pioneers, explorers, prairie settlers, cowboys and Civil War soldiers. “Colonel Hans Heg”, “Tug Boat Annie”, “Slim Jim Iversen”, “Snow Shoe Thompson” and Doctor Reidar Wennesland are some of the characters we meet on a trail that leads from the Minnesota prairies to the logging camps of the Pacific Northwest, the Sierra Mountains to the Texas plains and the small fishing ports of New England to the city streets of San Francisco chronologically stretching from the 1830’s to the 1980’s. Reviews from the Norwegian Press Arild F’raas, Drammenstidende News “…Dylan, Springsteen or Knopfler..without being a copy artist. I suggestion you invest in this album, read the lyrics and you will want to dig deep into Norwegian American history.” Per Randers Haukaas, Bergenstidende News Rating 5 out of a possible 6 “..rock-solid rhythm section, precise, clear guitars, accordion and Booth’s fiddle coloring the sound picture..a fundamentally solid and heartfelt project that Bill Booth burns for about common people, dreams and destinies delivered in word and tone from a highly capable group (of musicians).” Frode Hermanrud, Oppland Arbeiderblad News Rating 5 out of a possible 6 “A delightful collection of tunes in Tom Russel/Tom Pacheco-land with lyrics that are at least as good. These songs are superb with lyrics that will make you sit on the edge of your chair to listen. At the same time, Bill Booth sings so intense that the songs reach right out and grab you. With “New Land”, Bill Booth both inspires and impresses again.” Geir Hovensj√ł, √ėstlendingen News Rating: 5 out of a possible 6. “..tales of hope and sorrow, the gold rush and war,… Does it hold up musically? And how! Inspiring and professionally performed folk-rock and country with hints of western swing and reggae rhythms coloring the sound picture.”

Track List:

1. Chickamauga
2. Some Say They Were Heroes
3. Beaver Creek
4. Prairie Home
5. Eagle of the High Sierra
6. Potrero Hill
7. Elisa
8. Tuggin’ to Tacoma
9. Potter County Line
10. Land of Little Crow
11. Dog Fish Bay
12. West of the Great Divide
13. New Bedford Shore
14. Slim Jim and the Vagabond Kid


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 7045790003148

Artist: Bill Booth

Release Date: 11/02/2010

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New Land


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