Aaron Lewis – Town Line – CD


Town Line
Artist: Aaron Lewis
UPC: 812432010270


Country music comes naturally for Aaron Lewis. In fact, the Staind frontman never strayed far from country. It’s something that he grew up with. It’s something that he comes back to. It’s something that inspires him. It’s something that’s in his blood. Lewis recorded is solo debut in Nashville during early 2010, and it brandishes the singers trademark style and a distinct country soul. Produced by Grammy Award winning James Stroud and Lewis, this collection proudly sits alongside Lewiss numerous accolades. Includes the debut single “Country Boy” featuring George Jones and Charlie Daniels.

Track List:

1. The Story Never Ends
[Disc 1]
2. Vicious Circles
3. Country Boy
4. Tangled Up In You
5. Massachusetts
6. Country Boy [Radio Version] [Version]
7. Country Boy [Acoustic Version] [Version]


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 812432010270

Artist: Aaron Lewis

Release Date: 03/01/2011

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Town Line


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