Wildlife Band – Wildlife Rides Again – CD


Wildlife Rides Again
Artist: Wildlife Band
UPC: 884501256308


Wildlife Rides Again This project has been a true work of passion, taking almost a year and a half to write, record, mix and master – much longer than any of the bands’ past endeavors. Wildlife emerged on the scene in the ’80s. Like other live-based bands of that era, there were several line- up changes with Joe Perogi and Frank Lingo being the constants of the group. After having ‘too much fun,’ they decided to retire to the studio to write and record songs they truly enjoyed with plans to hawk them to production companies around the globe. With a little luck and a lot of tenacity, they found a welcoming market in movies and television worldwide. Having known Stella for many a moon, Frank finally asked her to co-write some songs and join this project. The resulting tracks cover a wide range of styles that remain true to the spirit of “Wildlife.” This project is as pure as it gets – a bunch of friends in the same room, playing real instruments, singing honest songs and having a good time. Hope you enjoy the songs as much as Wildlife did tracking them. Jimbo.

Track List:

1. Dirt Road Town
2. The Ash is Gone
3. Slip Off To Heaven
4. Can’t Say Goodbye
5. I’m Drunk Again
6. Honey Bee
7. Little Gold Ring
8. Money Tree
9. Bob’s Left the Building
10. Pixie Dust
11. Willow Tree
12. What’s Left of My Heart
13. I’m Drunk Again [Instrumental]
14. Slip Off To Heaven [Instrumental]
15. Can’t Say Goodbye [Instrumental]
16. Little Gold Ring [Instrumental]


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 884501256308

Artist: Wildlife Band

Release Date: 01/05/2010

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Wildlife Rides Again


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