Trevor G. Potter – Potter County & Points Far Beyond – CD


Potter County & Points Far Beyond
Artist: Trevor G. Potter
UPC: 884502477221


With traditional folk, country and blues influences, these songs are grown from a landscape of musical styles and regial and cultural expressions that have taken seed in acoustic soil. Though fertile in tradition they continue in their evolutionary growth. Their acoustic and lyrical roots are based on the places and people that create the image of struggle and sucess, faith and fear, hope and hardship. The organic nature of this type of work doesn’t just wither with a single listening but in turn, will bring a new shoot of life with it’s contiued listening.

Track List:

1. Blue and Fragile
2. Something So Hard to Find
3. Mercy in the Name of a Lady
4. Jesus Ridin’ Shotgun
5. Drink’em in My Friend
6. Potter County South Dakota
7. The Crow Knows
8. Mexican Madonna
9. Long Way to Ohio
10. More Than Wit and Wisdom
11. Gulf of California
12. Jesus, Heavy Drinkin’ and Hard, Hard Livin’


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 884502477221

Artist: Trevor G. Potter

Release Date: 05/04/2010

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Potter County & Points Far Beyond


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