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Artist: Rex Foster
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‘Rex Foster is one of my heroes.’ Steve Earle ‘Rex’s songs are really refreshing; I feel like he and I are kindred spirits.’ Townes Van Zandt ‘Where can I get Rex’s CD?’ Bob Dylan ‘Rex Foster sings from his gut, his heart, and his soul. Ain’t that what music is all about?’ Dana Cooper ‘My dear friend with the incredible voice coming out of the Hill Country of Texas.’ Peter Rowan ‘Rex Foster has the four winds in his voice and Mother Earth in his heart, and when he puts it to music, I believe it’ Chuck Pyle ‘It’s wonderful when your friends do work like this; it let’s you know what can be done.’ Crow Johnson ( upon hearing the CD ‘Believin” ) ‘Rex has his own focus and insights, says things in his songs that others can relate to but can’t articulate themselves. Plus, I like his hats.’ Jon Ims ‘He’s impressive. There’s a color and richness to his voice that’s compelling; his songs are well crafted, reflecting a long trek down the highway.’ Michael Elwood ‘A Texas Hill Country tradition. No mechanical reproduction can even come close to capturing Rex as he works a live audience.’ Jud Pickard, Leon Springs Cafe ‘He’s as much a part of Texas music as Billy Joe Shaver or Townes Van Zandt.’ C.J. Berkman ‘The Redneck Poet.’ A show with Rex Foster means ‘with’ not ‘by’…he shares his music.’ Kathy Hudson, Texas Heritage Music Foundation If the definitive history of the last three decades of Texas music were published today, Rex Foster would be mentioned by a handful of household names as having been part of the scene, among them, Gary P. Nunn, Willie Nelson, the late B.W. Stevenson and Jerry Jeff Walker. Some might even acknowledge his having been an influence on their own music. He is one of those special regional songwriters whose work transcends geographic boundaries. Like his friends Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and Willis Allen Ramsey, his work is about things that matter and his delivery is such that audiences can’t help but respond and become involved. He writes and sings about brittle ladies and fine-haired children, raising chickens in high rent ghettos, about freedom and it’s abuse, lives on the loose and even about a short ride with a dark-hearted Jesus! And that’s just for starters. But history is an unfolding tale and now more than ever, Foster is poised to create a distinctive chapter of his own. His 1991 album, ‘Artist’, along with his 1994 release, ‘Believin” are collaborative efforts with Nashville songwriter/producer Rick Beresford. Response to these albums…high praise and strong airplay…serves as a springboard to reassert Foster’s influence on world wide appreciation of Texas music. There was a time of dues-paying…a thousand gigs, a million nights, playing with everyone and playing alone. Touring with Merle Haggard, touring alone; on the move in England, France, coast-to-coast; two albums, T.V. and everything in between. By 1982, the road had taken it’s toll and Rex put on the brakes. Since then, he and his wife Kelly have been growing with their beautiful daughter, Rachel. He dedicated the first five years of her life to being home as Papa. During this interlude he developed the trademark jewelry worn by Emmy Lou Harris, Pam Tillis, Roseanne and Johnny Cash, the Bellamy Brothers, Haggard, Jerry Jeff and Rodney Crowell. And, forever writing songs, it seems. Haunting, evocative songs. Some as flinty as his Hill Country origins. Some sly and rude. Some elusive as smoke. Some to wear home. All of them label-resistant. And, all of them crowd pleasers in the hands of a very capable, maybe even great performer whose peers are moved to heartfelt admiration.

Track List:

1. Do You Know What It’s Worth
2. Papa, It’s Alright
3. When the Lady Dances
4. Hands
5. New World
6. At My Window
7. Song to Woody
8. Song to Don Earl
9. Thinkin’ About Bob Dylan
10. Freedom


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: FOLK

UPC: 768067001025

Artist: Rex Foster

Release Date: 01/23/2001

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