Papa Roach – Time For Annihilation On The Record & On The Road – CD


Time For Annihilation On The Record & On The Road
Artist: Papa Roach
UPC: 846070078026


2010 release, a unique hybrid listening experience which consists of a mix of five new studio and nine live tracks. The band has enlisted veteran hit-maker David Bendeth to produce the new tracks and meld them seamlessly into live versions of the biggest hits and fan favorites. Papa Roach wage war every time they pick up their instruments. It’s a war for musical integrity. It’s a war for their fans. It’s a war for rock ‘n’ roll.

Track List:

1. Burn
2. One Track Mind
3. Kick In The Teeth
4. No Matter What
5. The Enemy
6. Getting Away With Murder [Live]
7. … to Be Loved [Live]
8. Lifeline [Live]
9. Scars [Live]
10. Hollywood Whote [Live]
11. Time Is Running Out [Live]
12. Forever [Live]
13. Between Angels and Insects [Live]
14. Last Resort [Live]


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 846070078026

Artist: Papa Roach

Release Date: 08/31/2010

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Time For Annihilation On The Record & On The Road


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