Nico Brina – Who Cares Just Boogie – CD


Who Cares Just Boogie
Artist: Nico Brina
UPC: 884502471199


Nico Brina – Who Cares, Just Boogie The fascination of the boogie-woogie technique on the black and white keys in connection with the blues-sounds (the so-called ‘blue notes’) and the interpretation of a sweaty rock ‘n’ roll show have characterised Nico Brina over the past 26 years. He has now been earning his keep with boogie-woogie, blues and rock ‘n’ roll for 20 years. He is a genuine bon vivant who has always remained loyal to his music. His work up until now is documented in ten CD productions, one DVD and an LP. In 1996 he entered the Guinness Book of Records by playing the fastest ever boogie-woogie. Since then he has regularly been celebrated in the media as the ‘King of Boogie’. He proves this again and again with his 100 performances per year – his motto being Let’s Boogie! Brina’s unmistakable piano playing can be enjoyed on his new CD “Who Cares, Just Boogie”. His mastery of the art of singing and production is fully put to the test – with a great deal of variation. This album demonstrates the variety of this unique music and seduces the ears (and legs) with musical surprises. The CD contains 18 songs, all of which are composed by Brina himself, playing solo on the piano or with his band. For one track on the album, he was also able to win over the Californian blues harmonica player Rod Piazza, a very big name in the blues scene. “I was especially pleased to be able to get Rod on board. He is by far and away my favourite blues harp player!” enthuses Brina.

Track List:

1. Two Rabbits on a Blind Date
2. Who Cares, Just Boogie
3. Don’t Mess Around with a Pianoman
4. Crying Cats and Dogs
5. Jon King Tons Blue Boogie
6. Rabbit’s Blues
7. Time to Boogie Woogie
8. She Loves to Boogie
9. Happy Ol’ Boy
10. Little Sugar Mouse
11. Saturday Night Blues
12. Hitchhike Boogie
13. Jumpin’ Chicks on a Washboard
14. Boogie Woogie Power
15. Cool Cat Blues
16. Let the Cat Out of the Bag
17. Offhanded Boogie
18. Charlie’s Boogie


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: BLUES

UPC: 884502471199

Artist: Nico Brina

Release Date: 04/27/2010

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Who Cares Just Boogie


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