Musillami,michael & Mario Pavone – Pivot – CD


Artist: Musillami,michael & Mario Pavone
UPC: 687259565827


Michael Musillami and Mario Pavone have been performing together in various rhythm sections for the last two decades. Building on the strengths of their many collaborations, including their current horn-less quartet with pianist Peter Madsen and drummer Mike Sarin, they sought to create a group in which the rhythm section was the focus and the usual frontline of horns played a supporting role. The fruition of that idea is Pivot, a recording that features a guitar trio joined by two talented horn players in ex-Ellington sideman Art Baron and longtime Musillami/Pavone collaborator George Sovak. Punctuated by plunger mute mastery and powerful horn solos, the rhythm section leads the action by consistently reinventing the propulsive forward motion of the music.

Track List:

1. Swedish Fish
2. Sequence
3. Bella at Six
4. Drop Op
5. Pivot
6. Halos
7. Trio
8. En Tandem
9. Parallels
10. Swedish Fish Anthem


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: JAZZ

UPC: 687259565827

Artist: Musillami,michael & Mario Pavone

Release Date: 04/06/2010

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