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Artist: Kings
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Winter of 2009, four guys set out to make a record courageous and as big as their name… kings. The Seattle-based band wanted to go places with their songs lyrically and sonically they had never been before. Determined to write songs that could be played in the most intimate of settings but large enough to be sung as anthems in stadiums all around the world. After about a month of intensive writing, re-writing, and even shelving some songs, Joey composed what may be considered his most revealing and honest songs he has written. They reveal a glimpse into the pain, struggles and questions that often fill the heart and mind. But as sure as light breaks the night, hope shows up like a welcomed friend and brings comfort to the soul. Kings had an opportunity to work with Jeremy Edwardson on this project, the frontman of The Myriad and founder of The Soundhouse recording studio in Redding, CA. As producer he drew the sounds and creativity out of the band to pull everything together, creating an exciting album that moves the soul and lifts the spirit. Jeremy describes this sound as ‘moments of moody-broody heartache… real dark moments but then just these real moments of release and redemption in the songs that are really moving… That contrast makes for a real powerful listen.’ For five days, five gifted and artistic minds came together and brought five songs to life to create one album… Artist. Kings’ latest album will take you on a journey through chaos and despair and lead you to a place of hope and love.

Track List:

1. Where Has the Fire Gone
2. Beautiful
3. Electricity
4. Artist
5. Carry Me


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 859703064723

Artist: Kings

Release Date: 03/23/2010

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