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Jason Castro (mod)
Artist: Jason Castro
UPC: 75678941597


The self-titled debut from AMERICAN IDOLs Season Seven finalist, Jason Castro, gives his legion of fans a chance to hear the singer perform his own songs. Featuring top-notch collaborations with Eric Rosse, Marc Roberge, Gregg Wattenberg, and Zac Maloy; the self-titled album features the toe-tapping first single “Let’s Just Fall in Love Again,” as well as songs including “This Heart of Mine,” “Closer,” “Heart of Stone” and a stunning cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. [Note: This product is an authorized, licensed CD-R and is manufactured on demand]

Track List:

1. Let’s Just Fall In Love Again
2. This Heart Of Mine
3. That’s What I’m Here For
4. Heart Of Stone (Bonus Track)
5. If I Were You (Bonus Track)
6. You Can Always Come Home (feat. Serena Ryder)
7. Love Uncompromised
8. Closer
9. All Wrapped Up (Bonus Track)
10. It Matters To Me
11. Hallelujah
12. Let’s Just Fall In Love Again (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)
13. Sweet Medicine (Bonus Track)
14. Over The Rainbow (Bonus Track)


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 75678941597

Artist: Jason Castro

Release Date: 04/27/2010

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Jason Castro (mod)


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