Beast – Beast – CD


Artist: Beast
UPC: 664140901223


First time on CD for this 1969 album. Beast was a Rock group from Denver and this self-titled hit the Billboard charts when originally released. Wounded Bird.

Track List:

1. Prelude For Today
2. Spaceman
3. Alley Sam (I Feel A Change)
4. Goin’ Downtown
5. Listen
6. Cannabis Sativa L
7. Ev’ry Man Hears Different Music
8. Love Like
9. Dear Ruth
10. When We Rise
11. (Strange Places Like) Santo Domingo
12. On My Way
13. Treat Her Right
14. Wow Wow


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 664140901223

Artist: Beast

Release Date: 09/07/2010

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