Teleseen – Fear Of The Forest – CD


Fear Of The Forest
Artist: Teleseen
UPC: 845121007091


2010 sophomore album from the Electronic Dub upstarts. Fear of the Forest takes the militant industrial grey scale constructions from 2007’s WAR and smears them with neon green. The rhythmic grids of Dancehall, Ragga, Two Step, Reggae and Soul melt into each other forming a psychedelic lattice on which multivalent ambiences, melodies and vocals hang, splayed open like a tree that has been malformed by a vine grown around it for decades.

Track List:

1. Prophecy Is Fulfillment In Mouth of The Land
2. All The Ash That Allowed
3. Black Monday (feat. Jah Sight)
4. Burn Down The Wicked
5. Crown (feat. Abena Koonson)
6. East Wind Unification
7. Chikurubi (feat. Billy Woods)
8. Factions (feat. Abena Koomson)
9. The Echo Will Triumph Over The Voice
10. White Worst (feat. Billy Woods)


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 845121007091

Artist: Teleseen

Release Date: 01/09/2014

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Fear Of The Forest


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