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Speak Easy
Artist: Speak Easy
UPC: 850242002368


Speak Easy wears their influences on their whiskey-soaked sleeves, their music bringing to mind many golden era hip hop stalwarts from Beastie Boys to Pharcyde to Digital Underground with an album that would fit snug into the crates of DJs rocking house parties in the early 90s. That is not to say their sound is dated, simultaneously cartoonish and menacingly maniacal these tunes run the gamut from the infectious anthem ‘St. Patty’s Day’ to the hardcore headslamming of ‘Mollywhop’ (featuring L.A. rhyme-rocker extraordinaire 2Mex). There’s a little something for everyone here, ‘Pink Elephants’ is a harrowing tale of detox with Avatar playing the role of the inpatient suffering thru overdose and withdrawal under the supervision of Bleek as the doctor fighting to keep his heart beating. Then there’s ‘Bounce’, a flashy club banger with the bragadocio of the Easy boys being bolstered by Tash from Tha Liks or ‘Double Barrell’, a western-themed track that summons the imagery of Pekinpaw.

Track List:

1. Easy Intro
2. Pink Elephants
3. St. Patty’s Day
4. Speak Easy
5. Cocaine Caballeros
6. Carnaval
7. Interlude
8. Bounce
9. Animal Farm
10. Mollywhop
11. Love*Hate
12. Cougar
13. Strange Brew
14. Coke C*
15. Interlude
16. Double Barrel
17. Hey Baby
18. Rumblefish
19. Rat Pack
20. The Partys Over


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 850242002368

Artist: Speak Easy

Release Date: 11/03/2009

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Speak Easy


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