Phoebe Blume – Homing Beasts – CD


Homing Beasts
Artist: Phoebe Blume
UPC: 707541150293


The Homing Beasts is a solo debut album consisting of highly-personal and musically dynamic compositions. Each track is vastly different from the next and incorporates numerous influences, from bluegrass to classical. The vocals are highly rich throughout, and each tune features multi-layered harmonies over a backdrop of diverse instrumental compositions. The songwriting is intense and poetic, but peppered with whimsy and irony. Stories are told and visuals are painted for the listener in a powerfully unique delivery. From start to finish, The Homing Beasts is a personal journey that chronicles transformation.

Track List:

1. The Homing Beasts
2. Does He Hate Me?
3. My One Hit Wonder Drug
4. War Wounds
5. Hot and Sweet
6. The Damaged Ones
7. Little Trees
8. Dig Deep, Damn You
9. It’s Gonna Get Hot Down There
10. Please Come Home
11. Wringing My Hands
12. C’est Toi, Mon Ami
13. Rise Up Now, Child


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: ROCK

UPC: 707541150293

Artist: Phoebe Blume

Release Date: 09/22/2009

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Homing Beasts


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