Mick Clarke – Tell The Truth / No Compromise (uk) – CD


Tell The Truth / No Compromise (uk)
Artist: Mick Clarke
UPC: 5017261209016


Digitally remastered two CD set containing a pair of early 1990’s albums from Blues guitarist Mick Clarke: Tell the Truth (1991) and No Compromise (1993). in the last 25 years or so the ex-Killing Floor guitarist has established himself as a hardworking touring act. He and his band have constantly toured Europe and the U.S. over the years, building up a loyal and substantial fan base. 24 tracks. BGO. 2009.

Track List:

1. Tell The Truth: Swear To Tell The Truth
[Disc 1]
2. Murderers’ Home
3. Cheap
4. Gypsy Woman
5. Rockin’ the Blues
6. Walking In The Dark
7. Bear With Me
8. She Moves Me
9. The Killingest Place
10. Crazy ‘Bout a Woman
11. Second Hand Dream
12. New Star Over Texas
13. Backseat Blues
14. That’s All Right
15. Talking With The Blues
16. No Creases
17. Cool Night Air
18. Voodoo Hounds From Hell!
19. Twilight Cafe
20. Celebration
21. My Own Time
22. Pack My Bag
23. Produce Row
24. Cry To Me


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: BLUES

UPC: 5017261209016

Artist: Mick Clarke

Release Date: 11/10/2009

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Tell The Truth / No Compromise (uk)


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