Madonna – Revolver – CD


Artist: Madonna
UPC: 93624968597


Eight track CD pressing of this single, a collaboration with Lil Wayne, lifted from the Pop diva’s 2009 hits collection Celebration. Features six mixes of ‘Revolver’ (including workouts from David Guetta and Paul Van Dyk) plus two mixes of her previous hit, ‘Celebration’. Warner.

Track List:

1. Revolver (madonna Vs. David Guetta One Love Remix (feat. Lil Wayne) 03:25
2. Revolver (madonna Vs. David Guetta One Love Remix) 03:10
3. Revolver (madonna Vs. David Guetta One Love Club Remix) 05:23
4. Revolver (paul Van Dyk Remix) 08:36
5. Revolver (paul Van Dyk Dub) 08:36
6. Revolver (tracy Young’s Shoot To Kill Remix) 09:30
7. Celebration (Feat. Akon) 03:54
8. Celebration (Felguk Love Remix) 06:38


Format: Compact Discs

Genre: POP

UPC: 93624968597

Artist: Madonna

Release Date: 02/16/2010

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