Justin Tubb – Pepper Hot Baby-gonna Shake This Shack Tonight – CD


Pepper Hot Baby-gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
Artist: Justin Tubb
UPC: 4000127168597


Ernest’s son had a warm vocal style that was leagues away from his dad’s dry Texas drawl. But he did inherit a whole lot of talent from his father, a talent best displayed on his 1953-59 Decca sides. Here are the most rocking of those, most long unavailable: his hit duets with Goldie Hill (Looking Back to See; Sure Fire Kisses); his Top 10 I Gotta Go Get My Baby ; a duet with Roger Miller (Mine Is a Lonely Life), plus Bachelor Man; Ooh La La; Sugar Lips, and more. Includes 32 tracks and a 36-page booklet!

Track List:

1. Bachelor Man
2. Pepper Hot Baby
3. Ooh La La
4. Something Called the Blues
5. I’m Looking for a Date Tonight
6. You’re the Prettiest Thing That Ever Happened to Me
7. I’m a Darn Good Man (For the Shape I’m In)
8. Chuga-Chuga, Chica Mauga (Choo-Choo Train)
9. Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
10. Rock It on Down to My House
11. I Saw Your Face in the Moon
12. Sugar Lips
13. Somebody Ughed on You
14. Gone and Left Me Blues
15. Looking Back to See
16. Give Three Cheers for My Baby
17. Bonaparte’s Retreat
18. Waterloo
19. You Nearly Lose Your Mind
20. My Heart’s Not for Little Girls to Play With
21. I’m a Big Boy Now
22. If You’ll Be My Love
23. Sure Fire Kisses (& Goldie Hill)
24. All Alone
25. I Gotta Go Get My Baby
26. I Miss You So
27. Try Me One More Time
28. There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight
29. Giveaway Girl
30. Almost Lonely
31. Mine Is a Lonely Life (& Roger Miller)
32. Buster’s Gang


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 4000127168597

Artist: Justin Tubb

Release Date: 11/17/2009

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Pepper Hot Baby-gonna Shake This Shack Tonight


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