Algae Afterbirth – Diaper Revolution The Best Of Algae Afterbirth – CD


Diaper Revolution The Best Of Algae Afterbirth
Artist: Algae Afterbirth
UPC: 766846254112


This is it. All the best from the creator of Diaper Rock. This brings back the memories of a playpen on stage with the worlds largest baby. From Hardcore Punk to Metal, New Age Folk and Reggae, Algae and friends deliver a great variety. A member of the New England Rock Hall Of Fame, Algae and his various bands were a interesting and unique part of the 80’s-90’s New England scene. Opening up for national acts or headlining the bill with fellow local groups Algae’s performances left people talking about The Baby Huey of the music world! The first non GG Allin release on Black & Blue Records was Algae’s 7′ debut Sloppy Seconds which is contained in it’s entirety on this collection.This was when they were called AFTERBIRTH. Algae got contacted by the band Sloppy Seconds as some people thought it was them and joked that they should do a EP titled Afterbirth. Kind of wish they did. I guess that means it was a pretty good good punk EP! This was the original band featuring Guitarist/vocalist Drool Fleming, Phantom on bass and Moe on drums. Drool, Phantom and Wipo played for GG Allin at the infamous Providence gig at The Rocket. Moe refused to play with GG and soon Wipo was the drummer all the time. The irony was that due to equipment issues, basically very few songs were performed since the bass amp blew on the 1st song. Earlier that night Algae and crew opened for GG and Algae gave the show of his life. In a diaper but this time he had a bloody umbilical cord squirting blood and he was coated in blood and afterbirth with a coat hanger around his neck. Women started chanting ‘Asshole’ and every eye was focused on stage. GG was not happy about it and if you listen to Insult & Injury Volume 4 you will hear GG bitch about it. While Algae didn’t steal the show this show made Algae a personality not just the bands singer. A focus of the band so eventually it led to the bands demise. After they broke up 3 years after it began Algae got a new band that included Wipo and soon His controversial 12′ EP followed BABY RASTA/MEDICAL WASTE. Algae showed both a happy reggae side of his music and some heavy metal with in your face lyrics.The reggae tune was Algae and his friend Lonnie. This project was supposed to be a full LP but his band could only agree on recording 1 song. Easy to see that band not last long. After that Algae did a more solo recordings. You get all of those songs off the Music To Make Your Ears Hurt series of compilations and previously unreleased songs. This CD also gets the only recording by his final and best band Playpen that featured Tom The Wizard on many instruments along with guitar. The Wizard along with Wipo on drums and Babe Phantom on bass really changed the act both live and in songwriting. The material was brilliant and sadly was never recorded to my knowledge other than the 2 tracks on this collection. Algae & Playpen toured with label mates Northwinds and the Cedar Street Sluts on that noteworthy Northeastern Tour. Clad in an oversized diaper Algae and his band left a mark on stages all over the East Coast and I don’t mean full load drop. Algae made an impression in New England especially Boston! Algae’s final Boston show at Ground Zero was one for the ages. The crowd was full of GG Allin fans crying for ‘Santa’s Dead’ off the split single Black & Blue Xmas Record he recorded and wrote in 10 minutes never intending to play it again and his band did not know it nor ever heard it. But they did do it, It was a riot literally! Relive or discover Algae and his unique ‘Diaper Rock’ for yourself. It is a musical journey chock full of intense, humorous and poignant lyrics performed in a variety of musical genres! Revolutionary? Yes! A Diaper Revolution to be specific!

Track List:

1. Sexually Abused Children
2. On the Streets
3. I Reject
4. Sunday Saint
5. 90 Seconds Over LA
6. Medical Waste
7. Baby Rasta
8. Baby Elvis
9. Mother Goose Me
10. Mini Golf
11. Intergration Crisis
12. Twice Removed from Yesterday
13. Baby Rasts [Rub-A Dub Mix]
14. Santa’s Dead


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 766846254112

Artist: Algae Afterbirth

Release Date: 04/15/2008

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Diaper Revolution The Best Of Algae Afterbirth


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