Latest episode of “The Voice” shows the elimination of fan favorites


“The Voice” is down to four. Which means that four artists went home in one night. No matter how many times that happens, it never gets easier to deal with. As a result, the tension-building machine that is “The Voice” shows no sign of slowing down. Tonight, singers who had managed to get studio audiences to scream for them, and online audiences to vote for them were eliminated.

And then there were four- – “The Voice” and its remaining contestants

Kyla Jade, Brynn Cartelli, Britton Buchanan, and Spensha Baker are the remaining four contestants on “The Voice.” Kyla Jade has continued to shock (in a good way), and somehow even managed to outdo some of her previous performances. As a new fan favorite on Team Blake, Kyla Jade seems overwhelmed and humbled by each of her successes on “The Voice.” Her coach, Blake Shelton seems genuinely enthusiastic for her.

Brynn Cartelli is probably the biggest surprise here. However, her duet with Rayshun LaMarr on Monday night, in addition to her take on “What the World Needs Now” that same night, pushed her into the hearts of more fans.

Britton Buchanan has a youthful exuberance and a clear voice that makes him a favorite among a variety of fans. His looks recall either a young Bryan Adams or Matt Damon depending on a person’s perspective, and they haven’t hurt him, either.

Spensha Baker survives as this season’s black woman who sings country music. This isn’t the first season for this phenomenon, yet online hate restarts anew for black contestants who sing country music. Do better, America.

Baker has been accused of not being able to find the key she should be in, at least not right away. No one’s perfect. At any rate, she is still very good, and her rendition of “My Church” was probably the best among television singing show contestants.

“The Voice”: those eliminated

Probably the biggest surprise among eliminated singers was Rayshun LaMarr. His performances have been well-received. Each performance by LaMarr found the singer sounding more and more like a seasoned professional. He had even survived being in the bottom three once. It seemed as if the odds were in LaMarr’s favor. After his recent performances, including the duet with Jackie Foster, where the work of Imagine Dragons was energetically interpreted, it seemed LaMarr was destined for the final four. Such was not to be. Pryor Baird, Jackie Foster and Kaleb Lee were also eliminated.

Tuesday night’s elimination means that there is one coach without a team. All of Adam Levine’s singers were voted off – – Rayshun LaMarr was his last contestant.

This season of “The Voice” has proven so interesting that when a winner is finally chosen, it might be anti-climatic.


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