Youtubers Joel and Lia’s British “nod” to America

    Laughter – – it’s the stuff that keeps us kickin’. We all need a good laugh every once and a while and Youtubers Joel and Lia, know just how to serve it. Snarky, with a side of classic British wit.

    If you’re easily offended or can’t laugh at yourself, this is not the show for you. But if you’re up for a good-humored chuckle at your own expense (depending on where you’re watching from), please proceed.

    Millennials Joel and Lia are Youtube’s lovably clueless British duo who just can’t seem to get over America’s culture as contrasted with  Britain’s.  Check out any given video and it is most likely riddled with the snarkiest of comments (said “in jest,” of course) aimed right at the good ol’ U.S.A. (I had to throw an “ol'” in there to prove the point!)

    Joel and Lia, of course, readily admit they do it for the “trigger-effect.” Meaning, they love to read their viewers’ responses, especially from their lovely American friends. And especially if the responses are less than enthused. If you read through some of the comments, you’ll see what I mean.

    So, why the reason for all the controversy?

    The thing is, as much as they say they’re joking and they just “love” America, the delivery leaves much to be desired. It’s difficult to prove you actually like something you’re slandering so much, even if you say you’re “just joking.” They pretty much think all Americans are good ol’ boys with Southern accents. Which actually makes them look extremely ignorant and uncultured.

    The best part is, they get offended when someone sets them straight. Turns out, they can dish it out, but they can’t take it. Would that make them “snowflakes”?

    I guess the jokes on you, Joel and Lia!

    Now if you can get through the atrocious American accent-mimicking and obnoxious laughter as they attempt to rip our country apart, all with “good intent,” of course, then you might be able to see some of the humor and laugh with them, or at them

    Suggestions to our “friendly” hosts. Kindness is not kindness if the words you use are extremely degrading and insulting. Consider this the next time you “can’t understand” why people think you’re rude. Oh, and grow up a little.


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