On “The Voice”: Tension-filled episode reveals fate of Christiana Danielle


The last two seasons of “The Voice” have caused a range of emotion for viewers. Especially those in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who have supported first Addison Agen, and then, Christiana Danielle. Last night’s semi-finals were no different. Following so soon after Agen’s runner-up placing last season, Christiana symbolized the hope that many Fort Wayne residents put in her ability to win “The Voice.”

Certainly, Christiana didn’t disappoint. The singer covered a ranger of styles from rock to soul, and wowed judges with her ability to put her own spin on every song. Although less important, since “The Voice” is a television show, it is of note that her style, from her hair to her outfits, were befitting a long-reigning pop queen. Alas, a win on “The Voice” was not to be for Christiana.

Christiana and “The Voice”: What went wrong?

There is no exact science here, and I am not a scientist. So maybe a better way to think about Tuesday night’s semi-finals is to consider what caused the Bottom Three singers to be exactly that, and then, how did the three perform in relation to each other?

By now, most viewers of “The Voice” are aware of the voting system and how to help keep performers on the show – – by voting for them via the website and Twitter. Last week, Christiana Danielle was one of the fortunate contestants chosen for the Top 10. But, as a result of the voting, she ended up in the Bottom Three, along with Jackie Verna and Rayshun LaMarr.

While a simple observation reveals that yes, this did happen, (talented singers ended up in the dreaded Bottom Three) it is unclear why. The idea of the public’s “taste” is an elusive thing to which the music industry is always trying to appeal. This “taste” is another way of saying “public opinion.” Therefore, “taste,” like “opinion” is always changing. There is no exact way to catalog public taste by class, race, gender, or other demographics, even though music is often marketed as if such were possible.

The question remains: Why didn’t more people vote for Christiana? How come more people weren’t psyched to hear what she would do in the finale? Taste. She wasn’t everyone’s taste. As dull and unfortunate as that is, that is more than likely why.

Some people would cite race, but as this season of “The Voice” has the most racially diverse cast probably since the show’s beginning, race is probably less a factor than some might want to admit.

One thing that I have noticed is that, at least this season, voters tend to like what I call “firework” performances. Last night, while Christiana pulled off a flawless performance, the only so-called problem I can see is she was predictably perfect, and for an audience looking for fireworks, it wasn’t enough. The same can be said for Jackie Verna, whose performance of “I Told You So,” was sweet, I immediately thought that it was too tame to get her out of the Bottom Three. Unfortunately, I was correct.

In the end, it was Rayshun LaMarr with his expressive face and body movements and his explosive voice that won the Instant Save. His rendition of “Let’s Get It On” was stunning and energetic. He commanded the stage, he held notes so long viewers were probably sure he would pass out. In short, he went above and beyond. LaMarr sounded as though he was singing for his life. America bore witness to the result.

After “The Voice”: Christiana’s future

Not knowing Christiana personally, I can only guess what she’ll do next, and even that will likely be wrong. As a recent college graduate with a degree in nursing, Christiana could give music up altogether and make a more than decent life for herself. But that would be a sad waste of talent. The public shouldn’t be surprised if Christiana earns a record deal, or works on a recording project with some household name performer. Her fans hope Christiana will keep singing.

Reactions on Youtube to Christiana’s elimination are more mostly in the vein of “She was robbed.” Of the dozens of reactions, only a few offer criticism of Christiana’s singing. Therefore, it is likely that should Christiana decide to choose music as a career, she will have an audience for her work.

The semi-finals are always the point at which “The Voice” gets brutal and intense. Soon, viewers will see more of their favorite singers getting voted off, until at last, the top two are divided into a winner and a runner-up. Then, the waiting public will have just enough time to recover themselves before it is time to choose another winner of “The Voice.”


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