Preview: Punk Rock Night at Melody Inn


This Saturday is another Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis. This week’s show features four acts. One local band, one from northern Indiana, and two regional Midwest bands.

Vice Tricks

Vice Tricks is a psychobilly rock band from Louisville, Kentucky. They released their self-titled debut album in 2013, but have their fans still waiting on a follow up. Luckily, Vice Tricks is blessed with a great stage presence, partially due, perhaps to the inclusion of an upright bass in a punk band. According to their Facebook profile, “Vice Tricks began as a way to combine our love of melodic 50’s-60’s Rock & Roll with the energy of 70’s punk rock”.

Vice Tricks consists of Verity Vice (upright bass), King (vocals, guitar), Ian (drums), Joe (vocals, guitar), and Dr. Evol (keys). To find out more about Vice Tricks, you can visit them on Facebook and Bandcamp.

The Brothers Gross

The Brothers Gross are a power pop and punk rock band from Northern Indiana. The band started playing in 2008, and since then, has toured from the East coast to the West and everywhere in between. Their most recent album, “Sight and Sound” released in 2015, which you can listen to by visiting The Brothers Gross’ Bandcamp page.

The Brothers Gross are a duo comprised of Kyle Gross (drums, vocals), and Timmy Gross (guitar, vocals). For more information on The Brothers Gross, you can visit their Facebook page.

Gutter Villain

While the first two bands brush the edges of what’s considered punk rock, Gutter Villain embraces punk fully. Because what would Punk Rock Night be without the best hardcore punk rock band from Tulsa, Ohio?

In 2016, Gutter Villain released their debut album “F*** Your Feelings”, followed only months later by the single, “Cinder Block”. Their most recent release, another single titled “Wasted All The Time”, also came out in 2016. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any new releases since that first productive year. But you can still listen to all of their albums on Bandcamp.

You can find out more about Gutter Villain by visiting their Facebook page.

Bomb Cats

The last band playing at Punk Rock Night this Saturday is Bomb Cats, a rock and power pop group from Indianapolis. Bomb Cats formed in 2014, and in the same year released their demo single “Around the Corner”. Their debut EP “Empty Bottles” came out two years later in 2016. Their most recent release, the EP “Night After Night” was released last June. You can listen to all of Bomb Cats’ music on their Bandcamp page.

The Bomb Cats are Chris Farrell (guitar, vocals), Colin Nulty (drums), James Williams (lead guitar), and Russ Webster (bass, vocals). For more information, you can find the Bomb Cats on Facebook.


Punk Rock Night at The Melody Inn this Saturday kicks off at 10:00 pm, with the doors opening at 9:00. The cover for the night is six dollars at the door. And The Melody Inn is a bar, of course, so twenty-one and over, only, please.




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