Bob Dylan is now hawking his own line of Tennessee whiskey


Bob Dylan, a venerable legend in the music industry for more than 50 years, is now expanding his repertoire and releasing his own brand of whiskey.

His very own “Heaven’s Door” line of whiskeys will be released this month, including a straight rye, a Tennessee bourbon and a double-barrel whiskey.

Reports from whiskey executives Marc Bushala and Ryan Perry who teamed with Dylan to distill these spirits said that Dylan’s input was as ambiguous as any number of his lyrics. “ISelf t should feel like being in a wood structure,” the duo shared as one of his cryptic remarks during development talks.

This is not the first venture into non-music for Dylan; he has been painting since the 1960’s, with several of his works becoming album covers (such as 1970’s “Portrait”) and more recently he has been creating ironwork sculptures, some of which are the inspiration for the whiskey bottle label designs.

It has also not been the first time Dylan has volunteered his services in advertising. In a 1965 interview, Dylan was asked what might tempt him to sell out. “Ladies’ garments,” was his joking response, only to later appear in television commercials for Victoria’s Secret in 2004. He also appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler ten years later that made a point of the importance of buying American-made items.

And in its own way, Dylan’s focus on the all-American has been ever-present in both his seemingly random public appearances, awards and endorsements and in his songs (see: 1983’s “Union Sundown”). The move to a line of high-end whiskeys, a quintessentially American drink, is one that almost seems natural for the singer at this stage of his career.

In keeping with the singer’s unique brand of humor, starting next year a “Bootleg Series” of whiskey named after his famed albums series will also be released, the first being a 25-year-old whiskey.


In keeping with the spirit of Bob Dylan’s erratic public appearances, the singer is not planning on making any promotional appearances to support his foray into the liquor business.

The Heaven’s Door whiskey line will be based out of Tennessee, and initially be released in only a few U.S. states with the intent of a wider roll-out later on.


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