Art Director Bijon Das Gupta’s Birthday


Today is Bollywood Art Director Bijon Das Gupta’s birthday. He was born in 1951. I had first interviewed him for a print magazine at the beginning of my journalism career. He appeared to be an amicable person, despite being the topnotch art director even at that time. When I realized that his birthday was coming, I just took a risk and contacted him for another small interview. I wanted to know how he felt looking back at his journey till now.
He had this to say, “The journey has been fantastic. When I joined the industry, art directors were not treated properly at that time. My work brought respect to our fraternity. Secondly, I got the chance to work with the best directors of all. I have been lucky. And I took art direction to weddings and other real-life events. So, my work was path-breaking and it opened newer avenues for my followers. Now, everybody is doing it.”
Bollywood and Bijon Das Gupta: Regarding a song-list, he said that he had done several songs with elaborate set-designs and mentioned several movies. But, this being a small list, we will need to post 9-10 songs, only. Thus, he told me to select the songs I like, from the given movies. However, I have not restricted the songs on the basis of my liking, alone. Instead, the list is according to how elaborate the sets were in the background.
Gajarne kiya hai ishara… Tridev (1989). He told me to select the waterfall song from this movie. But, there are 3 songs with waterfall. This one has elaborate waterfalls in the background. The 2 other songs having a waterfall each albeit on a smaller scale are Tirchi topiwale… and Raat bhar jam se jam takrayega…
Duniya haseenon ka mela… Gupt (1997).
Choli ke peeche kya hai… Khalnayak (1993).
Ek do teen… Tezaab (1988).
Parody song… Mr. India (1987). In fact, there are several songs in this movie, which had elaborate sets.
Dushman dil ka jo hai mere… Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja (1993)
Dhak dhak karne laga… Beta (1992),
Akhiyan milaon kabhi akhiyan churaon… Raja (1995)
Jaane do na… Saagar (1985)
Naam mera Premkali… Chaalbaaz (1989). This takes the pride of place. He had told me to choose between this and the Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja (1993) song. I have chosen the more popular one.


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