It’s “Golden Hour” for Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves is fresh back on the music scene with her crossover hit “High Horse” just out from her newly released album “Golden Hour.”

“High Horse” is a spunky little tune sporting an interesting mix of dance, country, disco, and a little bit of banjo all packaged up and delivered into your favorite pop stations. It tells the tale of your typical man who thinks he’s God’s gift to everyone he meets, but Musgraves is quick to let him know he needs to “giddy-up” on outta here.

The rest of the album is a melting pot of fresh sound. “Golden Hour” has a main theme of country, but with a ’70’s retro “Urban Cowboy” kind of feel with a modern twist. Musgrave’s lyrics are cleverly poetic and genuine.

Album highlights:

“Slow Burn” marks the opening song and features the musical stylings of banjo analog. The message? Everything is good, I’m taking my time, but don’t you take my patience for lack of fire….there’s plenty of that bubbling just below the surface.

“Lonely Weekend” has a peppy vibe and an easy groove.

“Butterflies” is a song written for and dedicated to her husband and speaks to the school kid in all of us.

“Wonder Woman” seems to be a tribute to our heroine of last summer. Basically, I’m not Wonder Woman, so you don’t need to be Superman.

“Golden Hour” is the album’s namesake and is a cool and easy tune featuring the lyrics of one deep in love.

“Rainbow” closes the album on a positive note and reminds us to always look for the silver-lining.



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