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Shoebox Letters
Artist: Shoebox Letters
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Shoebox Letters features songwriter Dennis Winslow on guitar and vocals, Dave Stricker on bass, Jimmy Jake on drums and percussion and newcomer Stephanie Pranzetti on vocals. Winslow also performs with Portland americana band The Naysayers. Sticker played bass in the legendary Portland band the Unreal Gods and also plays with Portland musician Chris Tsefales. Shoebox Letters blends alternative country, outlaw country and Beatlesque pop into it’s own sound. The band’s debut full-length was co-produced by Ronn Chick and Dennis Winslow. Chick added to the CDs sonic palette with mandolin and keyboards. Jimmy Jake spiced up the songs by adding an array of percussion including triangle, claves, shakers, etc. Stricker’s commanding bass lines are featured prominently in the mix. But, it is Pranzetti that takes center stage with lead vocals on two songs and adds delicate harmonies to several others. On the last day of recording, Winslow broke down and added a touch of electric guitar to a few songs. The band made a stirring live debut at Portland’s White Eagle Saloon on June 19, 2009.

Track List:

1. Cold Front
2. Wrong
3. Who Wants You Now
4. Too Late
5. Only in My Dreams
6. Suicide Watch
7. Can’t Stop
8. Didn’t Wanna Tell Her
9. Tomorrow’s Calling
10. True Believer
11. Lonely Looks Good on You


Format: Compact Discs


UPC: 672617049927

Artist: Shoebox Letters

Release Date: 07/07/2009

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Shoebox Letters


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